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Infiniti GO

4.8 ( 9168 ratings )
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开发 Intelledox

Infiniti smart web forms just got a little smarter. Infiniti GO for iPad complements Intelledox’s award-winning, web-based Infiniti platform by allowing users to access existing projects in a native iOS environment.

Collect and transform data at your own convenience with online/offline capability. Replace paper forms with dynamic, feature-rich smart web forms that ensure business process consistency, compliance and quality.

Complete forms on the GO
Optimize business efficiency by digitizing paper based processes. Collect data, kick off a business process, or generate a corporate document while on the run.

Generate word documents and PDFs
Infiniti outputs in a variety of formats. It can generate email messages (with information such as names, carbon copy contacts, configured email body text and HTML) or create automated documents in formats such as:

•Word documents
•PowerPoint presentations
•XML files
•PDF files

Work offline and online
Infiniti offers a responsive forms experience that allows users to complete forms with limited connectivity and then automatically synchronize when a connection is next established. Mobile projects really are available anywhere, anytime.

To access Infiniti GO demo forms, please sign in with the following credentials:

Username: ixdemo
Password: ixdemo

Infiniti customers requiring full access to Infiniti GO should contact their systems administrator for login information.